Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Foolishness #6 & 7

Winner! Winner!
Chicken Dinner!
Yay! for winning my match today! 6-1 6-2

It just makes it so fun to play hard and come out on top.  
We played out at Anthem Country Club.  
I totally enjoy driving out to those places. 
 Love looking at the Red Rock Mountains from the other side of the valley. 
 I love that skyline and appreciate its beauty every time I drive west on the 215.  
Anthem sits up higher than you think. The city looks very pretty from there.  
Especially after a win!

So.  The government is shutting down in 48 hours.
It's weird that we are not hearing more about it.
I bet if Facebook was shutting down we would be all up in arms.

I saw lots of blue balloons on my neighbors mailbox this morning.
It was so windy out that I wondered why she put them out so early.
I was worried the balloons would be blown away in the 
crazy April winds we have been having.
Then I realized the baby shower had been the night before.
I totally missed it.  I was already to go tonight.
Made some really cute stuff for the baby.
I wish this was the first time I did dumb stuff like this.
It happens way too often!

Jake and I think this guy would look cute with a mohawk. 

My friend Kelli and I were assigned to come up with a skit for 
the 4th years at our Girls Camp Kickoff next week.
I'm completely blank. 
I've got nothing.

I am really missing these people.

I love them.


Allison Barnes

good job on winning! yahoo! what is the camp theme?? call a few girls and make them in charge! delegate! missed you at the shower! I hate it when I dod stuff like that!


Skit idea that I've been dying to use! Somewhere along the way I inherited a church CD of music and on it is a bunch of renditions of "Once there was a snowman." Hilarious. I've always wanted to use it and have each kid come out dressed with their part lip syncing. How could I get the music to you? Is there a way to post it somewhere? Ofcourse there are the falling raindrop skit and then the one where the director asks the actors to do the scene differently (cheerleader, opera, cowboy etc.) You could google skits. I love girls camp and skits~