Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Foolishness #5

April Foolishness #1-3.
I'm sure they will show up eventually!

1. A Favorite Runyon Dinner.
London Broil.
Those Potatoes
Mosh Pit Salad.
No Dessert.
But I am only 9 days away from meeting my 2 months of no sugar.
I dream of cupcakes, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Jam, Donuts.........
9 more days....
Yum Scrum Delishishness!!

2. Girls Night Out.
What a fun surprise to get a phone call yesterday afternoon from my friend, Linda, inviting me to a Girls Night Out. Literally.
The Country Music Academy & CBS was filming a tribute to the Super Women of Country Music (is that supposed to be capitalized???) called appropriately
"Girls Night Out!"

Some of my greatest blessings are in this picture.

How could I not dance and sing with Wynonna singing Proud Mary!!
What great women I have in my life.
Not only inspirational but super fun too.

My Super Women. Barbara, Sonya, Kathy, Linda & Teresa

Jamie, Holly, and Holly. More Super Women.
The Judds.
Martina McBride.
Miranda Lambert.
Carrie Underwood.

What a great lineup, right? In addition to hearing them sing individually they each did a duet with the likes of Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, John Fogerty, Jason Aldean and one of my favorites...Vince Gill!

Thanks Linda!

3. I have a tennis match tomorrow.
I really, really want to win it.
Wish me luck!

4. I so grateful for late night chats with my kids.
What a joy to visit and share laughs and thoughts with Jake and Sarah tonight.
Jake & Sarah New Year's Fun 2010
I love them.

Life is good.
Hands up! Lord Praised!