Monday, April 4, 2011

April Foolishness #1

I set a goal.

I plan on following my delightful friends,
 Jen, Allison & Suzanne, 
and try to blog a post a day in April.
Something about that day.

 Something about the fun events I have missed blogging about. 
And one daily gratitude. 

It's April 4th.
I'm only 4 days behind.  
Thats good.  
Because it could be the 22nd and I could be very discouraged!
But I'm still optimistic about doing this.

Wish me well.

Somehow I think I'll have plenty of

Love her.



that is a DARLING picture!! i think we should all just take turns doing a month... that way, we always have something new to read!! :) good luck!

susan bunker

i'm so excited!