Sunday, January 9, 2011

Game Night!

We are usually a Pinochle playing family.
Completely competitive. Laugh in their face when their down.
Matches that have lasted for years.
Keith's ahead but not by much.

But pinochle is a very structured 3 or 4 person game.
There was too many home to play pinochle.

Looks like the next best thing is Poker.
Alec got a great poker set from Santa.
Santa respects us Vegas natives.

We start em young around here.

She's calculating the odds of pulling the right next card.

The handsome dealer. You gotta watch him though.
He counts cards. Because he knows we are all nervous
about his card counting...he is perfecting the bluff.

A kiss for luck!

Or maybe they taste like blueberries.

Obviously she's not a wee bit happy about this card. She was looking for a jack.

Om second thought....maybe I can win a few bucks with this hand.
Nice deal Daddy! wink wink