Saturday, January 8, 2011

My most important New Years Resolution

I don't care what anyone says. 
 I l.o.v.e. New Years resolutions. 
 I love a fresh start. A clean slate.  
Hopes and dreams to chase after.  
It's a little late to start....But start I have.  

Some of the old faithfuls-
     Win more tennis matches than I lose.  
     Try a new restaurant every month.
     Keep my blog current.  pressure
     Daily do things nice and unbeknownst for my family.
(keith gave me that word..he's really smart) 
Dream of far off places.

Somewhere in my head there are some that rattle around like-
Lose 20 pounds.
Cut out french fries.
Work out regularly.
Wake up early.

But these are really unreasonable wishes.
I just ignore them.

I'm still working on the real list. 
 I actually do write them down and try to do them.

There is a new one I am working on.  
Getting to know my Heavenly Father and my brother,
 Jesus Christ.  
Better.  More intimately.  More personally.  

I am teaching my beautiful girls tomorrow and I ran across this quote from President Hinckley. I love him.
My hope is that I can grow closer to being able to bear this testimony from my own heart.  
With all my heart. 

Because I know that all the rest is just not really that important. 
(well maybe the part about great restaurants)