Monday, October 25, 2010


Why does my wireless printer not print even though it says it's connected to the network?

Why did the day that I had the brilliant idea to put all my junk that had to be moved because the carpet cleaner was coming on my back porch the day that our pool builder wanted to come show a future client our pool? (long run on sentence anyone?)

Why did I have a weird dream about my pool builder last night even though I had no idea he would be calling today?

Why did above carpet cleaner go on and on and on and on about all the free stuff he was going to add but then say I could make it up to him on my gratuity? Lame.

Why did Vimeo just take 1 hour 54 minutes to upload a video only to tell me that "oops! There was a problem!" with a smiley face? Boo.

Why can't I sleep at night but boy oh boy when the sun starts coming up I could sleep like the dead for hours?

Why can I have 510 friends on Facebook (most of whom I really don't know all that well) but there is never anything new on there? 510 people must have SOMETHING to say.

Why did I decide it would be a good idea to only wash a batch of towels every other week? Now there is about 480 that have to be washed.

Why did Keith and Jake cancel the Amazing Race last night to watch a football game they didn't really care about?

Why can I only have Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving? I want one now. And then. And maybe one between now and then.

Why can't I keep my bedside table uncluttered?

Why? Oh why?

These are the things I am thinking about today.
There are some deep, important stuff too. Just not blog appropriate. For those things I am also wondering......why?

Most important?
Why am I so darn blessed!!


Kathy's Boys

I totally relate to a few of your "why's" You are so cute. We need to do something fun one of these days. And that baby girl is just the cutest thing ever. Love you! Now go take 2 Tylenol PM and have a good nights sleep:)