Monday, October 18, 2010

Seven on Sunday

1.  We had rain!  Real rain.  Rain that had some thunder boomers and lightning attached.  Rain that smelled so heavenly. Rain that lasted for a couple hours.  So unusual to have this much moisture...that I may or may not have left my phone sitting on the BBQ.  Whoops!
  Please include it in your prayers.

2.  We had great plans for a yummy dinner a couple nights ago.  Fresh home from a quick trip to Mexico and an several bags of fresh produce from a California Fruit Stand I had a wonderful dinner planned.  Included in the menu was fresh guacamole, yummy summer salad (I know it's October.  But If I have to put up with temps in the 100's then I am going to eat summer salads!) and a hearty attempt to recreate the meat from a taco stand, Tacos Yaqui.  I made an awesome marinade that included roasted jalapenos, crispy onions, tart cilantro, crushed garlic and olive oil.  The aroma made me swoon. 
(ok-I was probably just hungry)
We were having a marvelous family cooking time.  Everyone helping out in the kitchen.  It came time to get the beef into the marinade and it was no where to be found.  Gone.  Evaporated.  Stolen by ghosts.  I don't know where that big ol' piece of London Broil went to.  We searched the car, the kitchen, the pantry, the bedroom (I had actually gone in there doing some chores so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that I had carried it in there by mistake.)  
The meat was just gone.
Sarah and Jake made a quick trip back to the store to see if by chance it had been left in the cart and if not to purchase a new slab.  
It was quite the mystery,

Dinner went of well.  Yum-scrum delicious.  This recipe will need to be tinkered with but all in all it was yummy.  The guacamole was to die for.  Die for.  

A couple hours later I noticed our very docile dog, Ray Ray, being not so docile.  In fact he had barricaded himself onto one of the chairs.  Growling at the cats and our other dog if they so much as looked at him.  Interestingly-all the cats and the other dog were kind of circling the chair.   Hmmmmm

Shoved deep into the cushion and being sat on by a very sneaky dog was our missing meat!  Half eaten and covered in dirt and other clingys.  How!?  When?!  What the heck?!  Somehow RayRay had made a steal and was now totally busted.  Rascal!  But very funny!

3.  Baby Reese is smiling!!  Not gassy baby smiles.  But beautiful, real smiles!  Oh how I wish I was there to smile with her!  But just a couple more weeks and I'll get to see it firsthand!

4. I just like this next picture.  I love these people.  alot.

5.  We had a wonderful Sacrament meeting yesterday.  A missionary farewell.  It was really yummy to my soul.  I am grateful for our prophet.  I feel safe knowing he is leading us under God's constant watch.  I am grateful that my Heavenly Father not only knows my name (and I'm sure probably spells it right haha) but he knows ME.  Every ornery, stubborn, goofy part of me.  
And loves me still.

6.We had a fun weekend helping Jake take care of a couple of our "Great" nephews,  (I love that whole great aunt title.)  I never let them forget to call me "great" Aunt Nae'. :)
It was so fun to help out with their busy schedule.  Seriously....You know how they say you can't really remember the pain of childbirth?  Well I have discovered I also completely forgot how busy you get with kids schedules.  Wow!  But Fun! Fun! Fun!  
One of them had a propensity to talk about his "boy parts" alot.  Like kinda constant. I'm afraid what this photo was all about.
The other has a smile that knocks your socks off.  He's an amazing kid.  Watch out world.

7.  These ladies just make me happy.  They are awesome.

My cup runneth over.


Kathy's Boys

The first picture of your phone in rice reminded me of our trip to Mexico. Sorry...the rice doesn't help:( Time for a new phone. I love all of your posts, especially your beautiful baby granddaughter! I didn't even see you guys at Trevor and Jordans wedding. I saw Jake and his cute girlfriend but not you.

Allison Barnes

crazy dog! I hope your phone survives!! Granddaughter is beautiful!!