Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a new day!

My. My. My.
Nothing like a little bit of this.....

to launch you back into the world of blogging.

I am that grandma.
I cannot get enough or show her off enough!
(I think the mailman hides outside our cul-de-sac to see me leave before he comes in.
If I can catch you are gonna hear about her!)

Reese Elizabeth Runyon
made our world a more beautiful place when she arrived safe and sound from heaven above. I just love knowing that she just came from the arms of my own mother and father and most importantly from our Father in Heaven.

She's such a lucky girl to have the mother and father she has.
They are such amazing people! I love them (and baby) more than I can explain.
Tiffany is more than a daughter-in-law...
see I just don't have the right words.
I love her.

To share that deeply personal, miraculous moment with
my son and Tiffany
(her beautiful mother BJ was there also)
was a highlight moment in my life.
There is no doubt in my soul that these babies come from a perfect place into our arms.

It was so fun to watch "Papastrade" or "Grandfather" aka grandpa and
Uncle Jakiepoo meet little Reese for the first time.



OH MY! She is the cutest little thing ever! Congratulations. Nothing says pure joy than a brand new baby girl!!

Allison Barnes

She is adorable!! I'm sure she won't be spoiled one bit! enjoy every minute with her!

Jordan & Heather Wong

she is beautifuL!! congrats!!


she is beautiful janae'!! brag on, sister!!


I think that picture of her and Jake could quite possibly be the cutest in the world. I hope I'll be able to see her around Christmastime!

Amy and Woody

she is soo beautiful! Really just a beautiful baby!

susan bunker

ohhh janae! CONGRATULATIONS! those are precious pictures. my heart couldn't be happier for you all! enjoy dear friend!


Congrats Janae! She is too cute!