Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Family Reunited!! Beautiful Jake!

I am without the proper words to express the gratitude, love, giddyness, thrill, excitement, emotion, honor, pride, happiness, LOVE, and on and on and on I have felt this week. Can you believe we have finally got to this moment! The countdown is finally complete! My little family is all together! I'm so happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!

Jake is more beautiful, sweet, funny, gentler, genuine, strong and kind than even before. (If possible--I know, I know) After an emotional reunion in the mission office these are the observations I can tell you I immediately saw. Handsome, tan, taller. Weary & worn but bright eyed and still has the most infectious smile ever! Thinner but still stands tall and erect. His eyes and countenence are sweet and sincere with a spark of mischief. That's my Jake. I am so grateful for the safe return of my beautiful baby boy-now a beautiful man.

I wish I could remember the exact words of his mission president, President Johns. They were beautiful words that spoke to my soul and my soul still feels those words. I haven't been able to actually verbalize them. I hope I will find those words again for they were so beautiful and I want Jake to hear what his mission president spoke regarding his service these last two years. In my life though-my most sacred experiences have been like this. Where there is a language in my heart that I can understand but not speak. It's a wonderful thing!

We had such an amazing time visiting Jake's mission in Ecuador! I have loads of stories and photos. I just really wanted to share these few quickly. So I hope to share more here very soon!

Love to all!!


Kathy's Boys

I'm so happy for you guys. Jake looked so cute at church today when he stood up with that great big smile on his face. Wow, your done!! Sending sons off is the hardest but most amazing experience, and you did it twice! I'm looking forward to hearing all about his mission next Sunday. Merry Christmas! What a great gift!


Oh my Jake is home!! What a handsome boy he still is! So happy for you Janae!! No more missions for you!! Welcome home Jake. You have always been a doll. You and Alec both were just the cutest things ever to me!! Loved hanging with you all those years. Now Jake, too bad i am not in Vegas anymore i would do one of those carol brady hair styles on you! Good luck in everything you do! Stay good and giddy!


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