Friday, September 18, 2009

It was almost a perfect day.

Since I am appreciating the extraordinary in the ordinary - yesterday was almost perfect.
I was juggling preparations for two different activities.
Both fun events.

I had to run over to pick up Keith's prescription that he renews every month clear across the valley because he thinks its funny that the pharmacist's wife looks like Suzanne Somers. She does not. Plus he always sends me so why does he care? Walgreens is 3/10's of a mile from our door and it's a drive-thru! I might grumble about that but I actually love long drives in my car because thats when I get to listen to my books on tape or zone out or chat it up on the phone guilt free.

Fun deserts and bacon wrapped smokies preparation filled the rest of my morning. The doors were all open to air the house out with the nice not too hot late summer air.
I had music blasting and I was getting tons done.

7 little Primary girls coming over to swim and and review their Faith in God book. They are so cute. Funny stories and adventures to share about their day. Load of giggles and more energy than I have seen in weeks. Oh if I could just bottle some of it. There was one minor injury but she survived so I will say that it was nearly Perfect.

We had our annual Paloma Estates Potluck and Homeowners Re-Elections Picnic. We have lived in our home for 8 years. This is the 1st meeting we have ever attended. It was a crackup to see how many people "welcomed" us to the neighborhood. Note to self-be friendlier to neighbors and consider attending a few of the annual picnics. It was great fun and there was a plethera of people there. All kinds. I like those kinds. King Keith was elected to Homeowners President unanimously. All Hail to the King. Should be interesting!
But overall a Perfect evening.

We got home and enjoyed discussing our perfectly ordinary day. Grateful for the simplicity and the gift of sweet neighbors and darling 8 year old girls. We had a nice call from Alec & Tiff and it was (see it coming now) perfect.

Then some less than perfect realizations and news came in.
I'm not happy about it.
Not at All.

I realized that 18 years ago this day my sweet sister, Jilleen had left this earth.
Wow. I've missed her. Her daughters have missed her.
She was the oldest daughter in our family.
Cancer claimed her sweet life when she was a wise-crackin, barrel ropin', loving mother of 4.
She was barely in her forties when this battle began.
It was a hard fought battle.
But this cancer was way bigger and badder than she was.

What really socked the perfect right out of this almost perfect day
was the phone call from my other sister, Christine.
Who I call Sissy. I don't know why. I just always have.
She was mad. Spitting mad.
She's had to face the battle with this ugly desease more than once
and come out weary and scarred but alive and healthy and a survivor.
But it is back.
Her Radiologists words,
"It's back. It's Big. It's bad. We got to get it out now!"

Kind of takes the perfect out of the day.
But we press forward. We know we can see these things through.
We have the greatest weapon that cannot be beat.
We have faith in the unknown lessons and outcome.
That come what may will be good. Will be better for us.
That He that is all knowing and perfect is leading this battle.

What an extraordinary day!



janae...all is well!

love you

Allison Barnes

what a terrible ending to a perfect day. so sorry. That stinking c word. I hate it.

Your primary girls look like a lot of fun! I bet they LOVE you! So can we call Keith "Prez"

Kathy's Boys

Nice post. Good luck to your sissy.

Alec and Tiffany

Such a great post! I hope Aunt Chris is doing well. Gosh dang cancer, can't it just disappear. We miss and love you!!

Kylee Rowe

Janae- I hope you are doing well! Thats such a hard thing to deal with! You are such a great person! We will keep her in our prayers!

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