Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alyssa is like a refreshing Sonic Diet Sprite with extra ice and a splash of cranberry!

How is it that my beautiful niece Alyssa can take a normal weekend and make it seem extraordinary? I've been thinking alot about her lately and bragging alot about her lately. Why Alyssa? Because she tells me about her weekend!! Well she doesn't exactly tell ME about her weekend but she writes about it on her blog here. She is consistent. She keeps her blog updated even when nothing extraordinary has happened. I love it. I learn new things about her all the time. I get to nose into her bizzness a little bit. And (I know you are not supposed to start a sentence with an and but I do anyway)because I read this stuff and then I feel like we have chatted and
I'm a little bit closer to her.

I love my family and friends blogs.
It makes me feel closer to them.
That darn Facebook has made me lazy, lazy, lazy.

I think if I write on my blog it has to be clever or wise or witty. But that is not true. The truth is that our normal everyday life is extraordinary to those that don't get to visit with us everyday.

So kuddos to you Lyssy girl!

You have inspired me.


Allison Barnes

i've missed your blogging! Facebook sucks my time away too. I figure that blogging is like journaling in a way... my kids will enjoy it someday. and I enjoy learning from about reading their blogs

Alyssa Joy

this makes me feel so good!! Im glad someone reads my blog. I love you so so so much!

Perry Family

Amen to that!! And you played AWESOME on wed!!! thanks for being on the team! your blog is so cute!