Monday, August 10, 2009

Jake? Jake who?

It's been a while since I've done a Jake update. Do I need to remind you that I think he is adorable, smart, funny, witty, honorable, loyal.....what? Oh I already told you that 149,642,782 times? Okay fine. I still think it though :)

He is on his 3rd change (non-change?) in Guayaquil and wishes he could stay there the rest of his time. He loves being a Zone Leader. He's been blessed with excellent health and always has a joyful countenance. That boy was born with a joyous heart and a beautiful smile. He continues to find the good in pretty much everyone he meets and each situation he finds himself in. Every challenge is an adventure in his eyes!

Here is a little from todays letter and a couple of recent photos.

Monday night we found an investigator. He was sitting in front of his house, and smoking a cig. We didn't notice the cigarette until we already had gotten close to him. He saw us and then chuckled. He said... "Angels fallen from heaven.... You guys come right when you are needed.." Apparently he was just sitting out feeling sad, and he said he was praying in his heart that something would happen to cheer him up. We went and taught him a good lesson. We got to teach a few other times in the week, and the coolest lesson was last night. He told us that he had a goal. His goal is to "help himself" so that he can "help others". He said it with such sincerity that i knew he meant it. So he is stud!! I am happy with this week! It started out sketchy... Not very many lessons but we ended on a good positive note, and my companion and I are all jacked up for this week!

I love him.