Friday, August 7, 2009

GBP '09

I wasn't sure if it would even happen.
Gram's Beach Party 2009 had lots of obstacles this year. But in true Grammy was a huge success with tons of memories and adventures packed into 4 short days. We missed Gram so much. But we felt her presence and we know she would have loved every moment of it. Even in Mexico. Teehee. Inside joke. She and my dad really taught us how to embrace and love our family. To cherish our relationships and to truly enjoy each other.

The party was very small in numbers. We are used to having our family of 25-50 people. This year only 11. But our small numbers didn't stop us from having huge amounts of laughter and fun! To the rest of the missed out!

The Mexico house is awesome and it was great to be all in one place. Wade and Carolyn are wonderful hosts.
We spent 3 nights at the Mexico House and two days in Oceanside.
Hannah and Tiffany trying their jumps
What a beautiful pair
Where are my other boys? We missed King Keith and Jake sooooooo much!
More proof that it's time for Jake to get home. My little family photos need more people :)
The cheesiest!

Their bad.
That's my bro-bro!
Dixon and Shay!
NOT his first kiss. Can't believe he waited a year to tell us.
True Beauties
Taco stands. It's an adventure. Woof! Woof!
The GBP mandatory daily activity.
Hannah, Dixon & Jessica
Lovely Lyssy
Is Alec peeking at Chase's cards?
Gettin' the party started!
We be Thrillin'
Our MJ tribute.
I was definately peeking. Nah...just grabbing some snuggles from Hannah.
Boy oh boy do I love these crazy people.

Hi Gram!

Please take note of Chase's Wild Cherry Pepsi anti Yoga position.
What an adorable twosome. Wouldn't twins be a perfect addition?
More zen.
Seagulls, dolphins and Cranes?!
Backseat Beauties!
Aye! Caliente!
I love this kid!
10th time for me and 3rd time for Alec. Wicked!
Wicked. A unexpected surprise.

There are some traditions that carry on though thick and thin. I am guilty myself of losing a little faith that Gram's Beach Party could survive the loss of Gram. I am so grateful that we were able to carry on our family trip. I hope it will rebuild again each year so that we can all be there. I missed Keith being there. I missed Jake and hope he never misses again. I missed each and every member of our family. Especially Grammy. I missed her the most. But there is something that every member of this family has been told by her at one time or another.

"Go. Have an adventure!"


Grama Linda

It looks like you all had a blast... and I know Gram is happy that the tradition continues.

Great pics of your great family.

Keith A. Runyon

You sure look like you love the life that you lead!

Allison Barnes

Looks like a great trip! I am sure Grammy was there with you! and she was so happy that you kept the tradition going!


You are just like you're MOM! She is smiling down on you, glad you're carrying on in her shoes, doing the things that are important!!


I'm anonymous!! (I think the drugs are still clearing out..haha taking longer at 51!)


I'm anonymous!! (I think the drugs are still clearing out..haha taking longer at 51!)


I'm anonymous!! (I think the drugs are still clearing out..haha taking longer at 51!)


I'm anonymous!! (I think the drugs are still clearing out..haha taking longer at 51!)

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u just LOVE telling people about that kiss haha

but everyone knew before u haha

Keith A. Runyon

Is that a bag of cheetos next to Chase while he is doing Yoga?


i want to be a leavitt :)
you guys always have WAY too much fun!!

Perry Family

Janae! Looks like you definitely know how to vaca with most of the clan! I didn't know you had a son on a mish, how exciting!! I'm even more thrilled you have a blog! I love all the pics!! I'll have to keep checkin in on your posts!! I'll be seeing you this week at CG!!
Stacy Perry