Monday, June 22, 2009

Spontaneous Combustion!

One of my favorite things about my family is that you just put a couple of us together and BAM!!!! a party breaks out. 
Today was no exception. 
A fun chatterfest, pool party, mini quilt camp, hubbubalooh! 
I love Summer!
Tyson Is a beast!  Haha the tree brings that out in a lot of people when the temperatures rise in the Summer.  Of course, King Keith keeps the pool a balmy 90 degrees.  I actually have jumped in a few times already!
Hannah needs to join the trapeze.  She is an expert on the rope swing.  I wish I could find this exact picture of her when she was just little.  She is growing up so fast.

One of the unlimited reasons my sister is my role model.  
A fully clothed  surprise Cannon-Ball just for her grandkids delight is my kind of gal!
The Sewing Machines came out for a whirl. 
 Carolyn adding some pizz-azz to Alyssa's Quilt.
Tayler turned from Two to Teen in a blink of an eye!  
She's adorable!
Man Talk!  Larry, Ben & King Keith shooting the bull.
Good healthy eating.  It's always Taco Tuesday at our house!

What a cutie patootie!  Chandler.  
I LOVE these people.