Monday, July 6, 2009

Family! Food! Fireworks! Fun! Flying Babies???

I have to admit this.  After everyone had left and it was quiet.  I sat down in a chair thinking about the day and was looking up at a big ole full moon.  I got a little soupy (yep that's my word for it today).  I suddenly felt so sad.  All of Rod and Cindy's kids had been here with the exception of Natalie (congratulations on the newest addition woot!woot!) and Jordan (serving his mission in Mexico City).  All of Wade & Carolyn's family had come.  Kahre and Katie with their little Riley. Where were MY kids?  All this amazing family around and King Keith and I were alone.  But I didn't feel sorry for myself for very long.  Very quickly I started counting all my blessings (which was so easy-most of the greatest ones had just been playing in my backyard!) and my soupy-ness turned to happiness!  I wouldn't want my boys to be any place other than where they were!

The annual Fireworks display.  Kinda Lame.  My brother TL was probably booing at us from heaven.  We are definitely going back to the illegal stuff.  One of the little kids tapped me on the shoulder at one point during the "big finale" and asked...."Aunt Nae...When are they gonna light the good stuff?"  Sorry Carter....I wasn't in charge of the fireworks this year. haha
Leah, Jessica & Jessica
Riley-She's got some moves!  
Some of the family making the best of the Lamo fireworks.  It's amazing how little $100 bucks will buy you anymore!
Beautiful, Beautiful, & Beautiful  Alyssa, Shaylee & Autumn
Chase, Brianna & Brandon  The popperazzi.  hahahaha

Waiting for Chase to start the Big show.
There just isn't enough technology or playlists in this family!
That face!  Bennett was just not thrilled at my camera in his face all day.  But that face!  It's too cute to resist!
The flying baby!  Or the underwater baby!  Definitely the water baby! Grayson the fish!
Adorable Eden!
Kadee-feminine, flirty and can still Rock the back flip!
Trent, Elizabeth & Will-The cutest family ever.  
Shaylee's first trip through the buffet line.  There was so much yummy food, an entire dessert table and of course the unlimited soft ice cream machine.  Yum Yum Burp Yum!
Tyson is showing them ALL how it is supposed to be done!  That is some Big Air!
Alivia.  What can you say about this child.  If you go here you can watch her wakeboarding the day before this.  She is only like 4 years old. She's adorable, wickedly smart and tells you right out "go big or go home"  There are plenty of teenagers and adults that won't even attempt to jump off this tree.  She's just a munchkin.  Watch out world! 
Our 15 year old, party animal, deaf cat, Hider.  Yeah.  He looks impressed with it all.
Wade & Alyssa.  They are too cute together.!
Grandma Runyon & Keith kicking up their heels to some tunes.  We love her.
Chase starting the party out with the first flip off the super structure.
Hannah in all her glory.  
Flying hot stuff!
Wade showing us his better side. 
Dixon paying homage to Jakie Poo.
Happy Birthday America.  We love you!


Alec and Tiffany

We are sad we missed the party, but are so happy that everybody had a blast. We have the best families ever! We loved looking at all the pictures, they capture all the laughter and love that our family has. We are looking forward to next years party! Love you SOOOO much!


Kathy's Boys

I love your post, your pride and joy (Alec and Jake) and all. Looks like a fun 4th of July. One of my favorite holidays!


McCall and I are taking you to lunch.

Bobbi Leavitt

PS- Alivia is only 3 :) But she has the sass of 16 year old!

kathie dye

It gets easier and easier to get 'soupy'! I don't know what it is...when you look around and realize what you have:) I do love your family and your boys are amazing. I can't believe it, you'll be picking up Elder Jake before you know it!