Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God's tiny miracles coming soon!

I found this little treasure a couple weeks ago.  What a beautiful little nursery this mommy has made for her future little ones.  I'm absolutely positive she would prefer me to keep my big ugly camera lens away from her precious cargo.  But to be able to witness one of God's quiet miracles up close is just too hard to resist!  

I'll keep you posted!


Keith A. Runyon

Yeah it's nice and everything but wouldn't like a Bald Eagle nest be better?


AWESOME PICTURES!!! i have never seen them so close, it's like i'm right there.

i LOVE hummingbirds, so beautiful!!

Allison Barnes

I love it!! I LOVE my hummingbirds... my kids think I am crazy because I talk to them and have names for them... I wish I knew where their nests were... keep us updated!!

Bald eagle nests are huge! They are cool, but I like that cute little one better!


great pics janae... we have one just out side of our front door. they are so tiny!