Monday, June 15, 2009

A Quickie in Paris!

Sunday evenings are usually quiet around the Runyon house. King Keith and I were enjoying a cool evening on the patio after a couple of very hectic days. We were enjoying catching up and chattering about this and that. One of the topics was the excitement brewing in France regarding the possibility of Roger Federer having an opportunity to win the French Open. He looked over at me and very mischievously smiled and said "You want to go to Paris?" Who am I to pass that up? 36 hours later I found myself on a jet soaring to a city I love. With the guy I love. To watch a sport I love. To eat the yummy food I love. To sleep in a hotel I love on a street I love. And it rained. I LOVE the rain. Just enough rain to make it perfect! Here is a mini quirky photo journal of our trip!

Center Court at Roland Garros. Smaller than it looks on TV which made it all the better. It felt like you were all that much closer to history being made!

A really cool photo of the Royal French Band. They were a big deal. Who knew?

Mona Lisa who?! King Federer is the hottest ticket in town! 
It was so cool to see him finally win this very elusive title!

The artists at Montmarte are unique and talented in very different ways. This guy actually did wear a French beret. He is one of the very few people I have ever met that could make King Keith sit still for a few minutes. The sketch was very good too! I wonder if there is spot in the Louvre for it?

It was under great duress that I agreed to go to a touristy spot. I made Keith go by himself. Then I felt bad. So after some fun sightseeing aka shopping I caught up with him. Thank goodness I went late enough that I didn't have to go into that boring museum again! Just kidding (sort of) You know how it just have to be in the mood to look at all those hot naked men and sourfaced women. Why are they so grumpy :)

Speaking of hot men....ooh la la! He is so cute! I love him!

You know how Paris is a fashion capital. On me..not so much! Haha! The rain was awesome! Roland Garros is one of the only places where the rain can fall and the game can keep going. Aah! Now that is heaven!

Creme Brulee every day. Crepes. Croissants. Bernaise and Hollandaise sauces. French food is rich and DEEEEElicious. 

I love adventures with King Keith! 
Spontanaity is Sexy!



so jealous!

Allison Barnes

I LOVE it!


ditto...i'm jealous!


oooh la la & then some! if i were reading between the lines, i'd say you kinda like keith & you two may have even done a little more than watch tennis? wink wink?

i just live thru you! ;)

Keith A. Runyon

Reading between the lines...naughty, naughty! Yeah, we ate a lot too. Tennis? What tennis? Haha.

Jared and LeAnn

Thanks for your comment. I really do feel like I had the perfect childhood, but its even more fun to relive it through my kids. Of coarse, running off to paris on a whim isn't a bad life either.

Kathy's Boys

That is soooo fun that you up and went like that! I love last minute trips, especially to Paris! Glad you got
to go.