Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jake and the Lamanite

Jake has a new companion for a few weeks.  He's actually in a 3 person companionship.  The newest Elder in an Oatovaleno.  A Native Indian from Northern Peru.  They are a culture that the Church allows to maintain a lot of their native attire.  They never cut their hair from birth.  The men wear a long braid down their back.  They also are allowed to wear traditional footwear, white pants and as Jake calls it "Al Capone" hats.  While being known as very serious and quiet-they are still just 19 year old young men.  They are all a bunch of funny boys!

It's great to know he is having such a cool time learning how people are people no matter where they are born or what culture they are born. Or as his letter said today. "I try to be homies with everyone."



Grama Linda

That is just so cool! I love all of the updates on your Jake...he is an awesome missionary!

Alec and Tiffany

Jake is a stud. We love him!

sadie bunker

i love his hat :)

Megan and Doug Albright

Jake is so cute, he needs to bring one of those hats home with him!

Keith A. Runyon

We taking Jake to Roland Garros next year. We'll wear french hats and use our accents to crack ourselves up.

Kathy's Boys

Jake looks so happy, I love Missionaries. That is so neat about his comp. and his traditional attire! I'm
glad the church let's them do that. Oh wait, shouldn't Landry be wearing Basketball shorts?! ha