Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Times, good times.

I love this last week.
Here are some highlights!
Zoobadoo survived the big mean prison dogs 
at the dog park.  
 A great reunion of internet friends that have become 
real life friends.
Peru Missionary Moms-Chris, Lori, Annie, Tami.  
We missed you other gals.
A fun night of Ballroom Dancers and CPK.
Alec loves our PDA's. hehe
Happy Easter.  I gained 47 pounds at the brunch.
Alec may hate our PDA's but he has mastered his own! 
 We love these two.  
They were the best hosts.  
I love these people.  My life is so happy because of them.
Jake has always been a
 Dr Doolittle.  
These crazy iguanas are running loose.  I'm just not sure how he persuaded one to climb onto his lap.
Really?  Really?
You really had to lock lips with this guy?
I love how all the locals are staring at this 
"loco gringo"


Allison Barnes

Love the pda reactions. My kids freak out too! I can't believe those Iguana's! wow.

susan bunker

holy CRAP! those are great pictures! :)


great week for janae!!! eeeeww on the lizards ok? what was he thinking?

Alec and Tiffany

Jakey is so cute! We can't wait until he comes home!!! We are getting so close. PS - 19 days until we get our LAST phone call!