Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On my "Bucket List"

I've been lucky to go to many far off places.
I've seen many exotic sights.
Trains, Planes, Ships, Automobiles, horses.
My travel life will have been in vain if I don't get a chance to see something like this in person...

Wouldn't that just make your day?!



you organize it janae', and i will TOTALLY participate.

that was AWESOME... it made me cry a little.


Ha! HA! That was awesome! I would TOTALLY do that!

Allison Barnes

I could totally see you doing that! I dare you... just make sure you have someone video taping it.

Megan and Doug Albright

Janae awesome video, I totally want to do that too, it would be the coolest ever! Any info on who organized it, was involved etc? What a great moment!

Grama Linda

That just made my day! How cool!!!!

Keith A. Runyon

As a kid, next to Johnny Quest, my all-time favorite show was The Sound of Music. I LOVED that clip Janae - I know that you'll do that one day. Grand Central Station? HOLLA!