Monday, October 20, 2008

Portland Girls Trip '08

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You guys have too much fun!!!!!!
Thanks for being such a good friend to my wife, she always looks so happy in all the photos


I always have a smile in my heart too every time I think of all the fun we have had. You mean the world to me. Lets have many, many, many more adventures.

susan bunker

those were beautiful pictures, of the women and the colors! looks like a really wonderful trip!


how fun. you guys are so beautiful.

sew and sews mom

I, too, am grateful for Janae's friends. I love em both and it keeps Janae happy and full of fun. Thanks Keith for letting her go. (And thanks even more for letting her come to play with her sister and mom!)
Love ya,

Keith A. Runyon


And if I hear "laugh 'til I cry one more time," I'll lose it.