Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Fun!

Why shouldn't October be a fun month? The weather is awesome. The Holidays are around the corner. The real tax deadline passes (ok thats not fun but it is nice to put 2007 to bed). Jake hits his 9 month mark. General Conference. University of Utah has their hunter's break which means Alec & Tiffany got to come home and stay a while!

We enjoyed having the kids down for a few days. I was sad that Tiffany had to leave early to get back to work. I keep promising her that her day will come. She is so great to share Alec with us. She's the best!

I'm excited about travelling back to the mid-west to visit my sister. Can you say "possible showers" every day I am there. WooHoo! I'm doing a rain dance as I write. Pumpkins patches, fresh fruit & veggies, quilt, quilt, quilt! I love October!



october is my favorite month... i love fall.


the only thing better than fall is spring!

glad you're taking time to enjoy... oh wait a minute... you ALWAYS enjoy!! (I want your life remember?)

Andrew and Heidi

October is a great month, but when I start to see Christmas stuff in the stores at the same time as Halloween, then I start to panic and realize it won't be too long before the holidays are here!

Jared and LeAnn

I like the pumpkin in the middle. I find it funny that Keith is wearing an apron like he doesn't like to get dirty and then he tried to carve something tough in his pumpkin. Nice try!!!

I'm afraid we're going to miss out on coming to vegas this year. I'm really sad about it. Any encouragment to get Jared painting again would be appreciated. We miss you guys.


i love a man in an apron!


I love fall too! Also, love the guys in aprons!!!