Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just in case you forgot how cute he is :)




Pikes Pickles

Very cute. I have been stalking your blog for awhile now. I think this is the oppoutune time to introduce my daughter


who is at SVU....yeah, yeah she has a boyfriend in the pictures on her blog but she isn't married yet... So once he is safely home you will have to give him the go ahead to go check her out.

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger

I miss jakey!! im glad he is doing good!! I cant wait till he comes home! :)


This ally girl is cute and seems to have a lot going for her! Jake needs to know that the women are already lining up and he will have plenty to choose from, and Ally seems to be right in line. Jake is a stud and deserves the very best. All the girls want him!

I miss Jake. I shall write him. What is his e-mail or address?

Jordan & Heather Wong

haha glad to see some hair on that boy!!! we heard from him the other week he sounded so happy and doing good!


he really is a cutie and i'm sure a fabulous missionary too!! i love reading your blog janae...it always makes me smile!