Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is there a wrong way to vote?

I followed my Father's example today. I voted. He never missed an opportunity to vote his entire life. Never. He voted in every single election.   Even those strange ones that pop up out of no where. 

He was such a good man.

I got a little misty-eyed at the voting place. Twice while I was there a shout was made "1st time voter!" and the whole place would burst into applause and cheers.  Both times I expected to see a bright eyed 18 year old. The 1st was a 40+
black guy that looked so excited. The 2nd was a hispanic woman about 60 who looked so humble yet proud. Once again, I was reminded how many blessings I take for granted. I'm am publicly stating-

I love to be an American and having the freedoms I enjoy every day.

 I have been paying attention to the national candidates and have really pondered and studied each opponent. I feel confident in my choice. But there are a lot of local candidates I know nothing about.
(Oh I wanted to lie here and say I spent hours interviewing each one, reading their voting records, pondering their values...but I know you know me better than that haha) So today I tried to go on several of their websites..but I found myself thinking blah, blah, blah, lie, lie, lie.  It's so hard to know who to believe.  I wanted to call my brother, who I believe knows all things political,  but, I'm afraid it would just he remind him what an idiot he has for a sister.

Here is my question?

Is it wrong to just vote for the ones you know something about and leave all the others blank? Or is it better to just vote all Democrat or all Republican if you don't know? Should you just guess on those? I'm really curious what others think?  



Leave them blank! Party means nothing anymore :( If you don't know the person they are, no sense in giving them your vote. Then you can't blame yourself if they win and they suck... you can STILL say, "I voted" but say, "And I was smart enough not to vote for that guy." And if the good guy wins, who cares :)

I Love you Janae!


I agree with daniel and litany. I used to just vote for anyone who was in my party even if I didn't know anything about them, but I'm not so sure that is the right thing to do. I thought that if you left any blank then none of your other votes counted but thats not true. I love the way the above commenters think: You can't blame yourself if they win and they suck!! teehee
I miss you, hope you are having fun at your sisters. Are you really going to Paris, Dubai and India?

Allison Barnes

I guess i usually just go with the party. I will have to reconsider after reading Litany's comment. I guess I had better get studying.


Hey Janae' have your KILLER dogs attacked any new neighbors lately? Ha ha! Love ya
p.s. i heard it was quite funny.