Monday, October 27, 2008

Long Arm Sally

What a blast I am having here at my sisters house/quilt store (I have been eat/sleep/dream quilting)  I love it here.  Tonight as I type I am bundled under blankets-with the window wide open.  Cold fresh air.  I love it.

Christine and her husband Larry have a lovely home in Illinois.  It has a wonderful spirit and they make me feel so at home with them.

This was a crazy busy weekend for my sister.  She entertained my mother and I.  She fed a visiting GA and the whole Stake Board.  Twice.  Larry was involved in meetings all day Saturday and Sunday and still snuck in a 50.8 mile bike ride.  He's the man!

I was able to attend the luncheon on Sunday for GA (Spencer Condie) and the inner circle.  It was great.  I love the hearty, healthy food here.  Seven, yes 7, different kinds of soups. Several different home made breads.  Yummy Yummy.  

Speaking of healthy food.  I almost overdosed on Saturday.  I think I ate 8 or maybe 10 vine fresh tomatos right out of Chris's garden.  Holy smokes!  I forgot what real tomatos tasted like.  Like really good.   Ummm nummy.  The apples and peaches look amazing and I think if we can pull ourselves away from the quilt store long enough we might need to make some apple crisp or peach cobbler.

I've been working on a quilt that is made with some really adorable YW fabric.  I am serious.  If you have a Beehive, Mia Maid or Laurel in your family...YOU.MUST.HAVE.ONE.OF.THESE.  I have to bind it so I will unveil the final show when its done.  I am going to add a few photos in the middle of the creating.  If I can do it so can you.  It is adorable.  My sister will have these kits on her site really soon.  Like in a matter of days!

I got to use her long-arm.  It is like a giant sewing machine and you attach the quilt like you would to quilting frames.  It has an enormous sewing arm that you hold onto with two hands whole standing.  It is so fun.  I actually giggle while I am using it.  Yes it is that fun.

I am loving the time with my mom and my sister.  I love my husband so much for letting me leave for so long.  I miss him.  He is my man!  

I'm going to cuddle up a little deeper under these lovely, snuggly quilts.  



I am SO jealous. I wish so bad that I was there with you guys. What fun memories that you are making with your mom and sister. You have got the life girl............Me? I'm just doing laundry.......SURPRISE=}
Love you!

Megan and Doug Albright

Your quilts look as cute as your darling blog!! Someday when you have time, email me all your secrets! have tons of quilting fun.

Keith A. Runyon



you are such a domestic goddess! Love it!


Andrew and Heidi

Quilting, spending time with your mom and sister, and eating fresh tomatoes from the garden -- sounds heavenly to me!! Have a wonderful time :)
P.S. I can't believe how much Wade and Chris look alike!


Please please teach me how to quilt someday!...I'm warning you in advance it will require a ton of patience on your end as I'm not one to pick things like this up quickly!...haha but I would love to learn!...miss you!

Allison Barnes

I can't wait to see the YW quilt... sounds fun. Wish i could quilt one...that's one of those talents I haven't acquired yet.

By Keith's comment, it's probably a good thing he didn't go... it's no fun having a bored hubby around when you are having a great time!

Alec and Tiffany

It looks like you guys are having a great time. I want you to teach me to quilt...lets make one together. We can't wait to see you guys, only a couple more weeks. LOVE YOU!! XOXO

Keith A. Runyon

Your sister served lunch for GA (Georgia)? How big is her kitchen?