Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aww my 1st Tag "8 on 8"

8 TV Shows I Like to watch:

Big Brother
Amazing Race
Project Runway
Top Design
ANTM (America's Top Model)
Top Chef
So you think you can dance

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:

Joe's StoneCrab (No..not Joe's Crabshack yeck)
Cafe Rio
Weinerschnitzel (does that count as a restaurant?)
The Mexican Place in the Palazzo
Pizza Factory (UT)

8 Things that happened today:

Laundry done
Car detailed - check my twitter for zany updates on my car detailer
one counter in laundry room decluttered
found not 1 but 2 missing card readers
ups store and the bank
VP debate - Joe was good but Palin ROCKED it
Utah vs Oregon St nail biter
searched every ticket broker I could find for BYU vs Ute football game
found tickets everywhere but they are now $100's more than when I saw them a week ago

8 Things I am looking forward too

Hanging with my mom/sister/cousin in Houstin
Tennis on Wednesdays
My baby Jake coming home in 458 days
My other baby Alec & Tiffany having a baby
My next big adventure
being in the lead in our Pinochle marathon
Seeing my nieces and nephews
the elections & economy drama to be over

8 Things on my wish list:

Size 8
 (ok truth be told..a 10 would rock my world)
Lots of grandbabies
clarity and exactness
Skitzos would find peace
Alec would rock the MCAT's
Jake would rock Ecuador
Keith would score a 69 at TPC
A decluttered home

8 People to tag:

Suzanne R
Kelli H
Tiffany R
Susan B
Barb Z
Allison B
Jan H
Kathie D

It's fun-just do it!


Pikes Pickles

I love tags. You learn SOO much about the person. I just always hold my breath as I read to be sure I am not tagged. Then I can relax and go back and read it a second time.
Love your blog!

CLUB! (Marnie,Eliza,and Mady)

Janae! I want to know if you have any Halloween paper. Me and my best friend are having a party and it is a Halloween party. So if you could help me out than that would be great!
Love you,

Derrick & Jan

thanks for tagging me...that was fun! we have so much in common! xo