Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missionaries miss their momma's (oh and the rest of the family too)

This is a letter from a Mission Presidents wife-
It made me cry.  When you see those young Sister's & Elders, give them an extra love!

"My husband and I are serving a mission in London England South. Over the weekend (because of conference) we have had lots of opportunities to be with the full-time young men serving mission. It was marvelous. Mothers and Fathers you have done an incredible job raising outstanding young men. It was an honor to be in their presence. They have such a love of the gospel and a love for each other that I have never seen any where else. Our son is currently serving in the Houston Texas South Mission and so being around these boys brought back so many memories of having our son and all his friends over to our home.

We were all at the stake center to view conference and so in between, before and after sessions I had the chance to visit with so many of them. It was an experience that I will never forget. But there was one moment, that I might call a "kodak moment". In the morning session of conference President Monson gave an incredible talk. He spoke of the love we should have for our families and as I looked around those valiant young men I realized they were without family.

One young man whom I had gotten to know quite well was sitting on the row in front of me. As President Monson bore testimony of our loved ones and the value they are to us, tears began to trickle down this young elders face. I knew what he was thinking and my heart ached for him. He has been out for about 10 months and is an awesome missionary, having lots of success. But for a moment I could see in his eyes that he longed for home.
He tried really hard to be tough. He was really fighting it. Finally he bent over and put his hands over his face and wept. What an marvelous sight.

To all the parents with missionaries, know that they love you. Know that it is hard out here and they are really doing their very best. I thought of our own son somewhere in Texas and then I too lost it. But I realized that even though these young men , know that what they are doing is right, it is still hard and they still miss home.

I also thought of all us mission moms who, at the same time are missing our sons and daughters and perhaps we shed a tear or two during this remarkable talk by President Monson.

After the closing song I patted this young man on the back and asked him if he was alright. He told me "yeah", then the other missionaries around him, embraced and they all had "a moment together" it was fabulous.

Everyone who has a missionary son/daughter be proud of what they are doing, they are part of a vast army who face challenges, trials and even moments of home sickness. But they will stick it out, they will be successful and Heavenly Father will send angels to watch over them every step of the way, I have no doubt what so ever.


CLUB! (Marnie,Eliza,and Mady)

Ha ha the Larson shirt. That trip was so fun! I love my Larson shirt. Me and Kiana wear them all the time.

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger

aww i love that!! i miss jakey! Im so glad that he is doing well!

Amy Albright

Goodness Janae, that post made my cry!! Hahah but it was very sweet. GUESS WHAT?! I am pretty sure I'm coming home next weekend, I have to finalize it with my geography teacher tomorrow but, fingers crossed I'll see you and Keiff soon!


I can't help but think she's talking about my little nephew who is serving there in that very mission.....who has struggled with such severe homesickness that he has nearly come home. He's lost 20 pounds off his already skinny frame & could not sleep. It's ONLY been thru the power of prayer & the spirit that he's still there.

I wonder?