Friday, September 26, 2008

Shower the People you love with love-Sweet baby Ryder James!

I sent all (ok, well most) the invitations on time.
King Keith can testify I did, here.

But, I have heard that not all have arrived yet.  
If you haven't received yours yet...consider yourself invited!

for all you friends that love Holly & Ashley Wattles-
Please join us for a baby shower to celebrate the safe arrival of
Ryder James LeBaron.

Tuesday, September 30th
The Runyon Home
2020 Alberti Court

Hope to see you there!


Derrick & Jan

awww Janae... just got mine today! CUTE invite! It seems to be the time for showers....did you get the invite yet to Katies?


i have a new blog!

-love chase