Thursday, September 25, 2008

A week of favorite things...

Long road-trips, alone with my thoughts, my favorite tunes, and uninterupted books on tape.

Autumn in the mountains-gods hand painting vibrant colors of greens, golds, reds and browns.

Wood-burning fire places.  Nummy smells and crackling sparks.

A letter from my beautiful, joyous, kind, dedicated son.  I miss him so much.  His gentle words bring peace to my heart.

Carne Tacos from hole in the wall Davanzas...and they deliver.  Oh so tasty.

Pinochle games that last for days.  I believe we havn't finished the current one, unless you boys want to concede to us hot girls!'

Sleeping with the doors open and snuggling warm under the covers.  Add a steady rain and its as heavenly as I know.

The Park City Silly Sunday Fair.  Artsy.  Interesting people.  Ran into old friends.  Good times.

Alec and Tiffany laughing and radiating comfortable joy.  Its so fun to be together and have fun.  Lots of laughs and too many inside jokes!

Bobsleds, ziplines, flying people.  Very cool.  Jake would have tried it!

Surviving "chicken" on the freeway with an 18 wheeler.  A flock of angels buffered our car...we were for sure dead-ducks without them.

Big fluffy beds you get lost in.  Ahhhhh I love those beds.

Beautiful Primary girls sharing their talents with each other.  Beautiful ordinary girls who combined become extrordinary.  

Meeting Erin Condren, an amazing card, announcement, invitation plus a ton more.  She is a creative wonder.  I'd love to follow her around all day, just to learn and be inspired.

Tennis with a friend and coach.  It was one of those rare days that everything worked.  I think I could have it it like  a frying pan and it would have been a winner!  Love those tennis days!

My car detailed.  Feels like new.  I like new.

Childrens voices laughing and chattering.  A pretty sweet sound.

A ton of time one on one with King Keith.   When you get past all the regular or irregular (It's Keith I'm talking about) daily experiences, he is such an extrordinary guy.  Sorry girls...he's taken!

Wonderful friends that love and trust.  Laugh and live.  Them girls are the real thing!

Diet 7up and Diet Sprite with a splash of cranberry.  Cranenergy-Awesome

Survivor - Gabana and Amazing Race...all in one week

I love, love, love my life!