Sunday, September 14, 2008

I apologize to you, and you, and you......

I attended a funeral this week of a young man. I knew this young man and mourned the loss of his short life. As with most people, I pictured him in my head as my thoughts turned to him and his family. Imagine my horror, confusion and joy as I saw this young man walk into his own funeral!! Immediately all the files in my brain went into action....who? what!? Holy Snikees!
My mind had confused the faces in my head. I then had to recalibrate, recognize my error...begin to mourn for the other boy while elated the one in my head walked in healthy and strong!

This may be the biggest "episode" I can bring to mind (no pun intended) but absolutely not the first. 3 years ago this month I had platinum coils placed in my brain to save my life. (because really, if you have to have something placed in your brain, it might as well be platinum!) An aneurysm that was discovered by accident was fixed. Everyday I try to remember how lucky I am to be here. To enjoy the life and times of my darling sons and beloved pookie. So please know this is not a complaint! A little memory loss is hardly something to complain about when I compare the options.

But, these "episodes" happen more often than I would choose. I see people I think I know but am not quite sure. People tell me stories that I remember once I hear them again. It's actually fun to hear some stories like it was the first time. The memories are in there, just not always easy to bring to the surface. Some days there is more clarity and crisp recollection than others.

I always, always loved photos. I believed that some day they would become my literal memories. I just didn't realize that it would happen so soon.

So if I have ever walked by you without saying hello, looked a little confused as you shared one of our encounters, or thought you had died, I'm sorry.



i do the same thing and i haven't had anything put into my head! if i didn't have pictures i wouldn't remember anything.


I wish I had a good mom tells me its all the aspertame (sp?) I've had over the years!! Rach's man Dustin and Darren are also entertainers, I'll tell them they are in good company!!

Kathy's Boys

You are the sweetest, funnest person to be around...just glad you ARE still around!!

Rowe Family

I had to laugh at the comment you left on Alec's post about relativity ....because I was thinking the same thing!!! My mind does not go that deep. I don't know how people find the time to think that deep. The deepest I get is what I'm going to make for dinner.


I miss "Tell-All Tuesday."


Chris and Shani

Thanks so much, we are definitely excited! It looks like all your family is well. It's fun to hear updates on Jake from Amy


that made me just want to give you a big hug!! Here's my "blog hug" for you: (((((HUG!!!))))