Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Alec!!

Our beautiful, sweet, talented, kind, tender, joyful......oh the list could go on and on, Alec Chase is 22 years old!! (Actually it was yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying having him home !)

I love you son!



I can't believe you have a kid that is 22!!! Holy Smokes!!!


Our babies are growing up so fast, which means that we are getting old ☹. Great slide show. Love ya.

susan bunker

Janae- those are some of the cutest pictures EVER!!! Maybe because your boys are adorable. Happy late birthday Alec!

Alec and Tiffany

Isn't he so cute? I'm so glad he is our's forever. I loved all those pictures. Thanks so much for a great weekend. Alec and I had such a great time. Love you!!!


aunt janae your pro at this. miss you and love you!!!

sarah dixon

Andrew and Heidi

When you only know someone as an adult, it's so fun to see pictures of them from when they were younger! Great slide show :)