Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Button, Button. Who's got the button?

I have a big favor to ask.  It's an easy favor.  It's one of those "you'd be my hero if you did this" kind of favor."

My sweet sister, Christine, has embarked on a great adventure.  She is the most talented, good hearted, Christlike person I know.  (This might sound like a big suck-up-but this time it is all true!)  She has opened a quilt store.  An amazing selection of fabrics, kits, gifts.  Her basement has been remodeled to accommodate two long-arm quilt machines and all her fabrics.  

Her webstore is up and new products and fabrics are being added every week.  Check her site out at www.aroundtheblockquiltersshop.com.

Now here is the favor.  Click here to go to her new quilting blog.(Thanks Kelli for designing it for her)  There is a darling little button on the upper left side with the HTML needed to add this to your blogs.  If we can get the word out her little quilt store will grow and grow.  I've added the instructions on the bottom of this post.

Around the Block Quilters Shop
So please do a little favor....will you add her button to your blog!!  

**Here is how you do it....go to www.sewandsewsmom.blogspot.com.  You will find the button in the upper righthand side of the page.  Directly below it is the html code to add it to your site.  Just copy and paste the html code into your personal blog and viole' it will appear.

Again thank you sooooo much.  It will mean so much to her!  jlr 

Pretty Please!