Saturday, August 9, 2008

i get to spend a week with a few of my greatest blessings!

Wow, what a week. Body-surfin' SYTYCD competitions, food, La Jolla picnics, wienerschnitzel, pinochle, human elastics, Mexico, fruity pebble treats, good books and more love and laughs than we ever expect. >

We LOVE our beach week, lovingly called "Gram's Beach Party". She threw the 1st big family beach party about 16 years ago. It moved around a few times to Mission Beach, the Del Mar for several years and the Oceanside for the last 10 years. 

We missed Rod's family so much. It was fun that Jordo got to come for the last few days. Too bad he missed out on hotdogs on the beach and Ruby's shakes. Ben and Lenzi were also able to join us for a few days. We missed their kids also. 

It was fun to have Carolyn's brother, Andrew, and his family. 

We especially missed Jake. But just one more beach trip before he returns to us. It was sweet to have the newlyweds there. Alec and Tiffany and Dixon and Shaylee are grown up married kids that we parents are still having to remember we can't boss around any more.  But they are already pretty seasoned beachers so they knew what to do.

We didn't venture out past the sand very often.  A trip to Ruby's on the Pier to celebrate Tiffany's  21st birthday.  The annual picnic in LaJolla which included Wade's 40something birthday.  The picnic is a weird little tradition that kinda kicks off the week.  

I love spending hours with these people I love so much. I am excited to see the next generation begin their own families and traditions of their own.
Thank you Gram, Big Fam, my little fam and friends. This trip is one that is special. I am grateful to have spent it with you. I love each of you more than I can express and consider each of you a few of my favorite blessings.


Alec & Tiffany Runyon

We had a blast!


Andrew and Heidi

I agree with Alec - what a wonderful time. Spending our first beach week with all of you guys made it so much fun for our family! Could you please email me copies of any pictures you took of us or the kids? I know I have some good ones too that I can email you....thanks Janae!
- Heidi

Kathy's Boys

Hey'd think we would run across each other once in awhile since we like a lot of the same things and same places!! Looks like your family has a great time at the beach too. It is the perfect vacation for all ages!! Especially parents...we don't have to do too much to please everyone at the beach!! Take care
Love ya


i love the nail polish!!!


We're sorry we missed this but the Mexico beach house was AMAZING!! The walk to the beach was so short and there was a wading pool in the back yard that the kids could play in while we were inside since we could still see them, and the water stayed warmed by the sun! It was so much better for us since our kids are so little. I really could have stayed there forever!!!


Well said.