Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love the Olympics. But.......

I love almost everything about the Olympics. Channel 3 is on nearly every waking moment, on every TV in the house (except when Big Brother 10 & Project Runway are on) I've even stalked MSNBC, CNBC, USA and any other channel that shows Olympics XXIX in the guide.

But....yep, here is the but......what's with the Beach Volleyball. In 1996 I was fortunate enough to attend the Summer Olympics with Keith and the Boys. Clearly one of the most popular events was Beach Volleyball. We couldn't get tickets. They were being scalped for way more than we could afford. That's cool though. It was just the new "cool" sport on the block. That was 12 years ago. Wow we all wish we could be "cool" for that long!! much Primetime do they deserve. It's still just the preliminaries. I understand the temptation NBC must have had if they were scared the viewers might not tune in. "Show some of the girls running around in bikinis" was probably being passed around the NBC Olympic headquarters. But come on already. There has to be at least 50 sports being played (I'm guessing here...sorry pookie I did not look it up) Can't we please see at least 15 minutes of a few of them. I actually turned to MSNBC to watch fencing last night because I couldn't bear to watch one more Misty May & Kerry Something-Something match.

One of the greatest tennis players in history (Federer. Not from USA) was beat today by James Blake (Go USA!). HUGE upset! Venus and Serena were both beat today.

Where's the Tennis love NBC?

But as I complain...I must say, I have enjoyed nearly every minute of this coverage. I have learned so much abut China. I have been touched by the awesome stories of courage and dedication. I especially love Mary Carillo's pieces each evening.

Mabe I'm just a little jealous of those flat muscular tummy's on the big screen.



Keith A. Runyon

I did look it up....alot more than 50 sporting events being contested yet beach volleyball is on all the time. It's okay, but so is watching 5 minutes of poker (which will be an olympic sport in London in 2012), or BMX (also a future "sport").

Oh,BTW, softball and baseball are done after this year.

It's true. I looked it up.

Andrew and Heidi

Yeah I agree with ya - enough already with the beach volleyball.
My email is so you can send me the photos. I have some photos too if you want them....

Dixon Leavitt

Even as a volleyball fan I am sick of all the beach coverage. i would much rather watch the indoor team stuff. I have to disagree with the mary carillo stuff, she is a great tennis analyst, but if they are going to do the public interest stories someone like Melissa Stark should be doing it


as a former olympic ballroom dancer i want to know why is mary carrillo's voice so deep? did she use to be marty carrillo? was he the marty on "back to the future"? I'm so confused.....