Thursday, July 31, 2008

The busy days of Beach babin'

It's hard work to sun, sleep, tan, eat and still be a home (sand-castle) maker. But alas....someone has to do it.

We didn't actually build this one...we could only get our beach babe bums off the beachchairs long enough to take this photo and grab another Ho-Ho. Okay thats not true either...they were twinkies.

The beach is awesome and all the sweeter with a little help from my friends!



Allison Barnes

Looks like fun! Love the beach!!! John is our sandcastle builder.. he can't sit still on the beach. If he's not in the water, he's building a castle.

Keith A. Runyon

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until I'm there tomorrow night....with you....and Alec, Tiffany, Gram and the rest of the family!!!


Jared & LeAnn

You guys are always doing something fun. I got your message. Thanks for the order. Tell Kelli Hi!!


I'm wearing my "Gram's Beach Party" shirts all week to make me feel like we're still part of the family even though we're not at the beach. If it weren't for class, we'd so be there. Have extra fun for us. And extra Wienerschnitzel too.


i was about to be impressed with the sand castle! o well, you should have told everyone you did it anyway...


Missin' the beach!!!!! I wish I was there that trip went by too fast!