Monday, July 28, 2008

An Update from Elder Runyon

Here are some cute pics of Jakie Poo and an excerpt (sp) from his latest letter.

Hey family

well, i will write you really quick about my week. First it was Tuesday, and we had kind of a rough day workwise. not one lesson until the very last hour of the day, but the best part was that I got your blogs. I got dad´s, tiff´s, and Dixon and Shays. I loved reading them. So that was a blast. I hope you all keep them coming. Then on Wednesday we went to Guayaquil for zone conference. It was pretty crazy. We had to get up at like 5, to leave by 6, to get there two hours early... We could of just approached it like a normal day, and not be dead tired all day. It feels so wierd driving into Guayaquil. Guayaquil is pretty. With the rivers that dump into the ocean, the mountains in the background, then the actual city reminds me of downtown Los Angeles minus the traffic. They say that guayaquil is the Las Vegas of South America. Haha. Conference went well, we were taught by president johns, and then a little bit by President IbaƱez. He is area authority from Venezuela, who really honestly talked about the book of mormon for 5 minutes and about he met met his wife the rest of the time. But it was good, and then his wife taught us a really good lesson on how to just be better. Then we headed back to Vegas. Then Thursday was service and we did a group service with all our zone, and it was good, i got burnt pretty bad. hehe. THe really cool part of the week was Friday. We went to Avisbas again, and we taught two families out there, and the people there are so humble. Avisbas is this little town about 20 minutes from Milagro. They live in little shacks really, and they dig trenches for water, and the best part I think is the indiana jones bridge they have made out of rope, and suger canes. The people there are really anxious to hear us, so we ahve been teaching them, and we think we will have some real success. Some bad news is that the house we were going to buy, we cant, and we have to stay in our cockroach motel. Things are getting better there. We finally baught a chair for us to study on, and we bought like 10 bottles of Raid to kill the roaches. This Sunday we had 5 people at sacrament meeting and that was great. Then in the night, I came across somethign I had never heard of in my life. We go to this house, and there is this young girl about 20. We teach her, and out of nowhere she tells she is a member, was baptized about 3 years ago, with her entire family. She goes on to explain that she thinks the bible is true, and she doesnt believe in the book of mormon. We talk to her more and the most crazy thing came out of her mouth... ."you can teach from the bible, and doctrine and covenants, those are the only things that I believe." She believes in the Doctrina y convenios, but not in the book of mormon. we tried to explain to her, and she wouldnt listen at aall, we have an appointment to go back again and try to solve this mystery. Then today in the morning, we went and played soccer for a while. The latins were impressed and began to call be David Beckham.... Holler.

Did I mention I love being a missionary mom!



I love the part when he says there were 5 people at Sacrament and that made it a great Sunday! Sounds like you've got an AWESOME missionary! But I wouldn't expect anything less.

Allison Barnes

It sounds like he is doing great! Thanks for sharing!

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger

im glad he is doing good!! i got his emial from Alec and emailed him! So hopefully i will hear back from him...but im glad he is doing great!

Derrick & Jan

He sounds so good Janae.... cute little Jake! I'm curious now to find out the mistery of why that lady won't let them teach out of the BofM?? Keep sharing please!
xo, Jan