Monday, July 14, 2008

This is why we let him go....

I love Mondays!! We hear from Jake on Mondays. It's the best day of the week!

This is why he is out there...

And this is our blessing....

isn't he just the studliest, handsome-est, funny-est, I could go on forever, kid in Ecuador? My cup runneth over.


Jordan & Heather Wong

Janae it was so fun to see you and Keith the other night!! Me and Jordan wrote Jakie on sunday and got to hear from him today. SOunds like he is loving it over there! He is an excellent missionary you guys must be proud!! Keep in touch!

Keith A. Runyon

Heather! we loved seeing you guys too! What a nice evening for Shanny and Chris! All of you Allbrite girls looked so cute but I have to cast my vote for Amy or else Jake will kill me!
Thank you so much for supporting Jake and writing him. He is doing what The Lord wants him to do. I hope that Jake and Amy's dreams will come true...she is a lovely young women and you guys have a GREAT family.



I also thought Keith was talking about a different arm where the catheter went. Not pretty. Keep that stuff to himself!


Andrew and Heidi

I can't believe they let him wear that badge on a UNLV shirt. I think the Biblia Blanca says something against that. He looks like he's happy though, so I guess that's the important thing! --Andrew


Janae your blog is so cute did you make it?