Monday, July 7, 2008

My only Australian regret....

I regretted it the minute I said no. When I knew I had answered incorrectly...the moment was gone. I didn't jump off the AJ Hackett Bungee Tower. I wish I had. What a loser. Oh well.

Here are a few shots of Wade and the girls. They were awesome. Kori & Jessica went up to their waists in the water...very exciting. Wade & Alyssa had a powerful father/daughter experience. It was one of my favorite days in Cairns.

There is good news boobs aren't dragging on the ground behind me :)


Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger

haha i love the sign! thats so funny! im jealous you were in austrialla (or however you spell it)! and yes i wcould never do the bungy jumping thats to much for me haha


It looks like you had a pretty sweet time over in Australia...maybe next time you could make it to the better part of the southern hemisphere...New Zealand. You rock!!!

Rowe Family don't think I would have any regrets (lol). My family watches too many of those crash and burn things on tv. For some reason they think they are funny. Glad you had a great time and are home safe and sound!!!


Hey, lady, welcome home! Miss ya tons! Thanks for sharing all the cool pics.