Sunday, July 6, 2008

so let me show some of my vacations photos...teehee

So I survived the 27 hour trip home..woohoo!! It's great to be home!

Keith surprised me with a new MACBOOK!! Yeehaw...can you picture me doing a little jig...well don't try to picture it, it isn't very pretty. So Thanks Pookie!! I can't wait to get started learning about it.

I'm going to update a bunch of photos and descriptions because...... this is supposed to be my journal/scrapbook...:)

These photos are of a bunch of us climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 434 feet above the street and harbor below. It was so fun. It might be in my top 5 of the whole trip!!

The photos are the following friends and family.

Our Crew: Judy, Kori, Alyssa, Jessica, Wade, Chet Cox, Allison Shepherd (Coach Shep's wife), Barb Kruger (Coach Krug's wife) and some of the other coaches kids, Aubrey, Gentry and Bekah.


Linda S. Socha

Lovely blog design...upbeat fun! Great Photos! Thanks for sharing

Keith A. Runyon

What a life you lead! What next?
A trip into space? Probably stores up there!