Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Tell All...What do you remember about your childhood summers?

I had the greatest childhood ever!! The best!!  Todays Vegas is NOT the Las vegas I grew up in :(Here are the few (of hundreds) of my Summer memories as a Las Vegas Kid.*Root Beer Freezes at Nifty's*Drinking from the garden hose, the experienced kids knew to wait until the 100+degree water sprayed out before putting it up to our lips.*Red Rock Swim Club.....everyday...all day...and most evenings if we got our way (except Sundays of course :)*Tuesday $1.00 movies at Red Rock Theatres....all 4 of them.  Wow!! (of course this included a donut from Winchell's across the street)*Riding Bikes*Running in the spinklers*Playing Hide and Seek or Freeze tag for hours in the evenings.*Trips to Bunkerville to swim in the "falls" (really just a concrete irrigation ditch but it seemed like a waterpark to us) We loved to bring friends who hadn't been before because if you didn't know where the cracks were the seat of your pants got ripped off...oh my...we had tons of laughs from that!  I loved sitting under shade of the trees in the evenings and listening to my grandpa & Grandma, Aunts and Uncles tell tales and stories.*Bowling leagues at West Hills Lanes (I had my own sparkling baby blue bowling ball with my name in it) Those days were safe for kids...so my mom would make us walk home.  Hello...can you say Bowling Ball?  100+ degrees?  2.3 miles.*Speaking of safe...we had never heard of a cell phone...mom just would say...be home when the street lights come on.  We could be miles away on our skates or bikes.  We knew when those street lights came on we better high-tale it home.*Cold Watermelon*Ketchup dogs from Weinershnitzel*A million stars at night*Sunday Night "Disney"  Oh how I would pray it was going to be a cartoon..I didn't like the kid documentary's too much.  Oh yeah..and there was always buttered or candy popcorn.*Hunting for lizards or horny toads at Grey Hole (anyone who grew up near me will know what Grey Hole was)*On that rare day it rained...we would go and ride the flash floods down Alta Hill. (how did we ever survive our childhoods?)*Family and neighborhood BBQ's*Bare feet.  I could cross a hot street and jump onto the cool grass in about 5 steps.  It was an art!  Now I know where I got my "Fred Flintstone" feet.*Shakeys Pizza.Funny how most my memories involved food....it's a family thing :)jlr


Runyon Family

Look at those tushes...


i remember that las vegas. i have permanently callused feet from running barefoot everywhere. we used to ride our bikes up sahara to the dirt road that was rainbow. one of my favorites was Thrifty's ice cream cones... ah, the good ole' days.


I wish I had known you back then, just think of the adventures we would have had. We are probably alive today because we didn't know each other though. It definitely was a safer time to grow up. I remember leaving the house in the morning and not coming back till dinner time.


I'm surprised how much I can relate to your childhood. But instead of going to the pool we went to the river because it was free :)

Allison Barnes

wow... reading your childhood memories brought back a flood of my own. Those were the good ol' days. There are many days when I wish I could send my kids out for the day and not worry about them! School is out in 3 weeks... what am I going to do with them??


I'm just wondering how long it took you to tthrow that ice cream in someones face....experience tells me not too long!