Monday, May 12, 2008

There's a kind of hush, all over the world tonite (let's hope anyway!)

If the night seems eerily quiet tonite....don't be concerned. It hopefully is a good thing!

Yawn...I'm already looking forward to a quiet night sleeping!!


Keith A. Runyon

You posted pictures of ME in my
F-16 Fighter mask? Not flattering at all, but hopefully I will get my groove back soon.

Runyon Family

I thought it sounded a little quiet up here in SLC...I thought the AC was off but now I know what really was going snoring by dad!!!!!


PS - dad, don't be ashamed...tom cruise wore the same mask in Top Gun...

Rowe Family

YAY!! The Darth Vadar breathing is much better than the snoring. Good luck! Thanks again for letting us have the shower at your home...we really appreciate it!


Sleep well sista!! Where do I find one of those for Mooch?