Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 more days...5 more days....5 more days...

Guess how many days until I hear from my sweet, funny, handsome, tender, farmer-tanned, funny food eatin', joyful, hard-working boy? 5! 5! 5! 5! I am so excited to hear his sweet voice!

Here are a few of the photos he sent this week! Isn't he the most amazing kid ever!?! I think so :)

I love being a missionary mom!


Allison Barnes

How exciting!!! This will be a great Mother's day!!



that is so great. i remember when steve was on his mission, his mom let me come over and talk to him for a minute on mother's day. it was probably a no-no, but i remember how exciting it was.

susan bunker

i'm so glad you shared those pictures! jake has always been a favorite of mine! he gave sadie her first valentine gifts! have a great visit sunday!

Kathy's Boys

There's nothing like getting to talk to your missionary
son! So sweet and so fun to hear the changes they are
making and how HAPPY they are when they are on
their mission. He looks so good. Have fun
I wondered if I could get the phone# of the girl
who made those cute cookies and cake for that shower you had. Email with it if you will. thanks

Kathy's Boys

oops, never mind, I just realized you have her # on
there your blog.

Keith A. Runyon

It's great to see Jake with a smile on his face. Mothers Day will be GREAT!!!


I like being a missionary dad too. This will be the last time we hear from Tyler until we talk to him in person.
I can't wait. Jake looks so good. He is going to be a great missionary. He has the perfect personality.
We love you guys and thanks for being such a great friend to my wife.

Rowe Family

WOW, I remember how exciting those phone calls are. One Mother's Day I had forwarned every one not to pick up the phone...and Brad (who was Bishop then) was not to take any ward phone calls. He decided to prank call me by calling the phone and watch me go into histarics when the phone rang. They all got a huge laugh out of it. Man, what a cruel joke..I bet your phone call was great!!! It is the best Mother's Day present!!