Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love creative people!

Last night we had a small family Bridal Shower for our newest addition, Shaylee. Shaylee is the fiance' of Dixon Leavitt. A beautiful, smart (just aced her Chemistry Final..Go Shaylee), and gracious girl. We are lucky to have her!

My friends Judy's sister is starting a pastry business from home so I asked her to make a cake and some cookies for the shower. I showed her a picture of the cookies and another of the cake....WOW!! She is awesome! She does wedding cakes, party trays & gift baskets, Her prices are great and she is super creative!! Thanks Jackie..they were the hit of the party!! Her little business is Creative Creations, and she can be reached at Her phone is 702-558-2994.

It was fun to meet Shaylee's mom, Becky. I'm pretty sure she had Shaylee when she was about 10 years old...she looks like Shaylee's sister instead of her mom! It was also great to visit with lots of family members we haven't seen for a while. We missed those that couldn't make it and those living too far to come. We'll see you at the wedding!!


susan bunker

thanks for sharing the info. and showing her gift to create! how cute is that cake and those cookies? and shaylee looks adorable.

Kelli Huntsman

I knew you would pull it off with creative style, why were you worrying? You are awesome! Shaylee is so cute, lucky you Dixon:) Now that you are done with your showers, I need some Skitzo time so lets party!! Love ya.

Amy Albright

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it! The cakes and cookies look delicious and I'm sure you guys had so much fun! Can't wait to see you guys on Mothers Day, but I might have big puffy cheeks just as a warning :)


Sorry I couldn't make it there...seems like I barely missed it because we were in Vegas the next day. Natalie told me the cake and cookies were cute, but wow! I think that's the cutest cake I've ever seen! I knew the shower would be something special if you were throwing it!


Yes, the cake, the cookies, the mud cups, the vases filled with real fruit! It was all adorable! And Shaylee too :)

Rowe Family

How cute!!! Sorry I missed it (I was up at Women's Conference). How funny about the boys!!!