Thursday, May 1, 2008

Being a Loser made me a Winner!!

     Two months ago I bought tickets to see one of my all-time favorite singers, Kenny Loggins!!  He was playing at one of my favorite outdoor theatres, Tuacahn, in Southern Utah.  Great music and magnificant scenary, what a combination.    

After a complete and total lack of interest on Keith's part, I invited my two best girlfriends, Holly & Kelli.  We ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a blast together. Earlier this year we had to cancel our annual "girl's trip" because some very serious events that were happening in both of their lives. It was the first time in eight years we weren't able to go.  So this little getaway couldn't have come at a better I thought.    

Kelli got sick (read her blog...'it was more painful than childbirth") and Holly had to leave last minute to go care for her ailing mother, Lucy.  Definately been a challenging year in their lives.  Keith was called in as a backup. and complete lack of interest.      

I guess I could have just not gone.  I could have tried to sell the tickets.  But I REALLY wanted to go.  I thought of every person I could that was in a position to drop everything and leave.  I felt too "loser-ish" to call anyone with just hours notice and then feel embarrassed when they said "uhhh no thanks, I have a life"

SO I made up my mind...I am an independant, grown-up girl, right?   I can go to a concert all by myself if I want (loser).  I can stand with three empty seats surrounding me, alone, singing and dancing along with the band, right?  (loser)  I can roam alone in Taipan Trading and hold up items to strangers and ask if it will look good in my guestroom. (okay that is kinda like a loser, but I've always been one to chatter with strangers.)

45 miles out of town, Officer Mayer, kindly makes written proof of my loser-ness.  88 in a 75.  Actually he's pretty much a loser too. 

As confident as I felt, I was still thinking about how great Kenny Loggins is.  How good the accoustics are and how amazingly beautiful Taucahn looks lit up at night.  I needed to share my good fortune with someone.  But now it was only 2 1/2 hours before it started,  I called my nephew, Dixon, who attends SUU, who appreciates all music.  He even has a blog about it.    "Uhhhh, no thanks..I have a life"  but then he says call Justin and Adam. 

My almost "loser" of a night became great when I got to share my beloved 80's brilliance with some of my Jakie's best friends.  Friends who know every word to every Barrly Manilow song, boys that listen and actually love "Delilah" on 106.5.  Boys that actually are super cool but Tivo'd "Top 100 Soft Hits from the 80's & 90's:...and made me watch it with them.

Too Bad King Keith.....your loss...I had a date with 3 cute college boys...Who's the loser now?

Thanks Justin, Adam and your friend (I'm so sad I can't remember his name) for making it a winning night!!

Oh yeah...Kenny Rocked!!!


Kelli Huntsman

You go girl!! I was regretting so bad not going with you. Those boys are pretty cute, and it looks like you all coordinated your outfits too. You Rock Janae'. You are the only person I know with that kind of confidence. When I grow up I want to be just like you. You are, as always, an inspiration to me.


you are the funnest person ever.

Runyon Family

Ha too funny. I bet you loved walking in there with college boys on each arm. Get any funny looks as you walked into the "Danger Zone?" I hope that the shower went well this evening...see ya on Sunday...



It's a real bummer that it would have broken all the laws of impropriety for me to have gone with you, cuz I so would have went. Heck with " no interest Keith " and " sick Kelli ", but I might have scared off your other dates.
You are so funny and such a good friend, especially to my wife.
Love You

Kathy's Boys

Sounds like me with Tim and Kenny! I would definately go alone if I had too!! Brad hates concerts,
so I usually go with my boys! I'm glad they aren't too
embarrassed of me when I'm standing on my chair
screaming!! jk
love ya- you are so fun

susan bunker

you lucky, lucky girl! i love kenny loggins! sorry you had to get a ticket, but i'm glad you had such adorable dates!

Justin Hales

Good times, good times.