Monday, April 28, 2008

Tell All Tuesday-What's your favorite's close to home?


Grab lunch - Just has to be Cafe Rio...sometimes I dream about their tortilla Soup :)

Go for date night - King Keith isn't really into "date night" He'd rather lock up the house and BBQ and watch a movie.

Pick up some creative goodies - All my creativity is stolen from my friends, family & neighbors. I see them and their beautiful homes, blogs & ideas and I steal it and make some changes and make it my own! Trading Spaces is always good though!

Keep the Kids busy...alas...there are none. :(

Get Wet - My own long as the pool is heated above 90

Buy a Treat
- Luv-its Baby!!! Although I will never tell you no if you offer me a piece of Double Cream Lemon Pie from Marie Callanders. Burp

Shop for Fun - Target always cheers me up.

Get some Fresh Air - Not that I get there that often, but I think Cedar Mountain is God's Country.

Splurge - Valet Parking!!

Drive for a weekend get-away - I love to go anywhere, but my 1st choice today would probably be Newport Beach.

So there you have it!


susan bunker

I liked todays "tell all Tuesday"! We have a few of the SAME favorites. Go figure :)!

Oh, and I think your suitcase doubles in size because you bought out the place you were staying, right?


i could walk around target for hours.