Monday, December 10, 2007

I love my mom!

My mom turned 80 years old today! Wow... I am so lucky she is still here and lives so close to me. We had a great family Birthday Party for her tonite at a Pizza Joint down the road (thanks Rod & Cindy for putting it all together!). I love to see how my Mom brightens when she is surrounded by family. She glows! She looked lover-ly in pink with her funky Happy Birthday hat on. She is 80 and still fun, sassy and full of the dickens! I hope I can be just like her.

Lenzi put together a book of 80 memories that everyone wrote a little bit in. I cried as I read it. I forgot so many of those wonderful things that my mom did, or said or taught us. I am so grateful to have grown up under the wise eyes of a loving giving mother. Who chose a wonderful man to be her husband and my father. I am grateful now that we kids were #1 in her life even though I haven't always appreciated it. I love her energy. I love her curiosity. I love her generosity. I pray I can be just a fraction of a wife and mother she has been.

I love you mom!


Lenzi Woodbury

Janae' I love the blog! That Amy Grant song on your playlist reminds me of Christmas' at home in UT. It made me kind of get teary-eyed! :) I'll keep checking in on you! **And you are a great Mom! Just look @ your two amazing sons! XOXO Lenzi

Runyon Family

Lenzi's right! You ARE one amazing mom! The Best! We love you!

Keith A. Runyon

Janae, you are awesome. Always seeking a new adventure. Just like your mom, only a newer version who knows how to do electronic stuff! You are Joyce 2.0. We can only hope our boys have wives who keep the tradition of fun and adventure alive for the next generation.