Saturday, December 15, 2007

I love the lights on Temple Square

I love Christmas lights! As a family we have a longtime tradition of Christmas light rating. If a house has really been decked out and the lights are straight and all lit and really purty...they get a hearty "Ho-Ho-Ho!"..If they hung lights and they are done with a little organization and pride....then they get a "Ho-Ho!" If they wrap a few straggled lights around a bush or threw up a couple of mismatched icicles then a meager "ho!" is shouted. Now if they skipped Christmas decorations all together...then they get a big loud obnoxious 'BAH-HUMBUG!"........Now why do I go on and on about our Christmas Light rating....because I now understand why we have the Morman Tabernacle Choir....just to sing "halleluyia"! (sp) at the top of their soprano/alto/bass & tenor voices about the lights at Temple Square!!! What a beautiful site!! I love those lights and I love the cold on my nose and wrapping our heads and hands in scarfs and mittens! But..most of all I love to share it with my beautiful family.
While it has been a longtime tradition to go and see the lights...we actually haven't been for a while. I forgot how much I loved them.
We had a great time last nite with lots of laughing, too much food and some Christmas crooning in the car! I am so blessed.
So the brightest lights this year for me......the eyes and hearts of the people I love!