Sunday, December 2, 2007

I may have found a new addiction. Is that bad?

So this blog thing is very interesting. I have figured out that when you read one it has a list of names that sound familiar and before you know it you have been gazing into other peoples lives all night...that is where the "is that bad?" question comes in.
There really isn't anything that interesting in my windows and what I have found is that most people have really cool ordinary lives. This being able to read their posts makes me feel like I am eavesdropping. I love it! I love that the people I think are the "hippest" people I know are reading the same books as me and laughing at the same shows and analyzing the same eternal questions. Does that make me hip? I like to think so.
I also love that some of the people I admire most in the world are just really a degree (or two) away. (you know that 6 degrees of separation thing) Makes me think some days that I am a little closer to them when I read their blogs. (which by the way BLOG is such an dumb word, I'm going to make up my own one of these days)

Today was a good day. One of those cool ordinary days. My boys are happy and safe. My husband is by my side (well actually laying on the couch in the family room) and I am healthy. Today I got a text message from Amanda saying she was happy I hadn't been released from my calling as a MiaMaid advisor. It made my heart warm. Those simple kind words are the ones I guide my life by. Thanks Amanda.
Peace out