Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Foolishness #11

I'm not sure messing with my blogger html and templates is a good idea.
It's always the same for me.
I have a healthy sense of confidence to get myself
into advanced things.
I just don't have to common sense to stop doing that and get myself out!

Oh well.
It could be worse.
Once I messed with my template and somehow changed it to
swahili or togilat language. 
Or something weird like that.
The changing it to something new never seems like a big deal.
It's the getting it back that seems impossible!
I might be html dyslexic. 
That would explain a few things. haha

I was scrubbing away gross dead stuff with my pedi-egg this morning.
I was scrubbing with so much exuberance
that the pedi-egg went flying out of my hand.
It hit the wall, bounced and hit the bed and landed somewhere.
Ray-Ray and Zeus ran for thier lives.
My cat that has a fetish for toes just looked at me
with evil cat-eyes and licked her chops.

I have searched everywhere!
 I moved the bed.
I moved the lazy boy (yes I have one and l.o.v.e. it)
Even took the sheets off my bed thinking it got tangled in there somehow.
Little sucker is MIA.
What a coward.

If you run into me when I'm wearing flip flops.
Please don't point and stare at my one ugly foot.
The other one is smooth as a babies!

This one foot grody thing was bugging me.
A real pedicure was required.
Yummy foot and leg massage.
I'm afraid the cat is all worked up now.

I sorted socks tonight.
It took two hours.
Just enough time to catch up on Celebrity Apprentice.
That Gary Busey is an odd duck.

I am not fond of sorting socks.
To give you an idea of how long I have been putting this chore off....
There is only 3 of us living in this house.
I put together 112 pairs of socks.

Keith has been known to accuse me of
 buying new ones instead of sorting.
112 pairs of socks.
I plead guilty.