Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The best week of the year.

Without fail my favorite week of every year in the 4th week of November.
It has family, food, celebration, food, gatherings, family and more food.
Pretty much sums up my favorite things! :)
This year did not let us down.

It started with a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Rod and Cindy hosted us at their house.
Its always a blast at their house.
There was so many little kids running around.
All adorable kids.
Seriously-next to Reese-haha-they have the most beautiful grandkids.
I think they are up to 13 with two more due here in the next couple months.
Lucky suckers.
I guess its payback for raising 6 kids.
Its so great to be part of a big family and watch it grow and change and evolve over the years. I'm old now so I have the credientials to spew wisdom about these things!

This has been a very tough year for our family. We have been challenged in ways we never saw coming and I personally never believed could ever happen between us. But the beauty of a family is that we are still grateful for one another. I know our little family prays daily for the success, happiness, health and joy of our extended family. Every single day. Our mom always taught us as long as we always loved each other it was okay if we didn't always like each other.
So it was nice to be with family and feel like they might actually like you back a little bit. A little bit is a LOT more than not at all. So I was grateful to be there.

We were missing a lot of folks and I hope they had a great time wherever they were. But they were surely missed.

I'm sad I didn't get more photos from Thanksgiving.
But trust me-this post won't be short on photos!

We got to play with Alec, Tiffany and Reese on Friday.
What a great treat.
I love them so much.
You really realize how far away they they have been when you get them here for a few days.
I love it!
We enjoyed the Rebel game and hanging out.

Saturday was a big day.
Baby Jake had a birthday!
My sweet little guy has turned 22 on me.
How does this happen?? He is adorable though.
Little, Tween, or grown.
I think he is so cute!
Funny too!
We started the celebration late for Jake and added Keith since their presents were a sort of combined deal. The are traveing on a boys trip (Alec scored on this!!) to Dallas to see their beloved Philadelphia Eagles battle the Dallas Cowboys in the new world class Dallas Stadium. They are going to have a blast. There will be two rounds of golf at top courses and of course there will be plenty of man-land that I hope I don't hear too many details about. That's their favorite part I think. Boys will be boys!

Mr Keith had a big one this year.
Half a century.
Five decades.
50 years old.
Wow! What a hottie.
I call him my sugar daddy.
Hubba Hubba

Then there was a nice blessing and luncheon for our beautiful Reese. She was such a good girl and Alec gave a lovely Fathers blessing. I especially loved the part where he spoke of her role as a shining example for her siblings in the plural. Not just one as Alec has been threatening. So it is written. So shall it be done.
I was very proud of him and his brother and his dad being worthy priesthood holders. It's not an easy thing all the time. You have make conscience decisions to be worthy and eligible for the responsibilities it brings.
I was happy.

Reese debuted her little dress that was extra special to me.
It was custom designed and created from my very own wedding gown.
My dear friend Linda Schlauder accepted the challenge without even batting a beautiful eye.
I was beyond excited she was willing to take this on.
I knew she sewed cute things for her cute grand kids but I wasn't sure how difficult it would be. AND difficult it would be.
She had to figure the whole thing out from beginning to end.
There was the body of the gown, the veil, and the lace overlay.
Loads of beading and lots of pearl buttons.
She made a creation of beauty that I have a hard time describing.
It is beautiful to look at.
It is soft to the touch.
There are details that might be easy to miss but you won't because its a dress that is now so beloved that someone will point them out to you.
A family heirloom created for us by her hands.
How do we ever repay her.
We love it and we love her for sharing her skills in creating it.

See. I told you it was stunning. Its a piece of art.

We had a fun little luncheon after Sacrament Meeting. I tried to slide a birthday song in without too much hoopla. I think it went down ok. I don't think Keith noticed all the pink pinkiness behind him.

Isn't he so handsome for 50 years old.
Sorry girls.
He's all mine!!

Holidays, birthdays, blessings, parties, luncheons. I love it! We had loads of fun and enjoyed every moment. I really do think it is our busiest but best week of the whole year!
My gratitude is off the charts.

Both pretty much done with picture taking :)

Now...back to that to-do list.


Grama Linda

Oh, I love all of the pictures!!! It was such a treat to make that dress...thank you for trusting me to do it. And it fit beautiful Reese perfectly...yes! She is one loved, gorgeous baby girl. We are so happy for you all.

Kathy's Boys

Finally!! I have been dying to see your precious little granddaughter in her special ordered/made dress. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. Is there any thing Linda can't do?! What a fun Holiday for you. I'm happy for you and your family. I can't wait to have a granddaughter and dress her up in pink. I mean, boys are awesome, but a little girl will be so fun. Love you guys. Let's get together!

Andrew & Heidi

The dress is so beautiful! What a sweet treasure! Those Huntington girls sure have oodles of talent :)


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Lenzi Woodbury

Probably you should keep Reese FAR away from me! I'm going to snatch her away! I want to munch on those toesies & little lacy leggins! :) It was fun to see your cute fam the other day! Congrats on having such an adorable grand-baby. XOXO